Get more out of life.

Most of us don’t realize it, but we’re soaking up the world’s most powerful energy source on a daily basis. The sun has been a building block of life for millenia, and its power is right there everyday for the taking. So whatever your reason, be it saving some money, saving the earth, saving yourself from some stress, or all of the above, the abundant energy surrounding you can power your life.

After all, why rely on others to transport electricity thousands of miles to your home on an aging electrical grid? Why pay more for increasingly less efficient ways to gather fuel? Why not take a stand, and take power back into your own hands?

Top Reasons People Go Solar

It’s the future
Almost everything we use on a daily basis, which increasingly includes cars, relies on electricity. It only makes sense to power them ourselves.

It can provide savings
Utility rates are increasing nationwide, and are influenced by global events. When you tap into the abundant energy surrounding you, that’s not an issue.

It’s safe and reliable
Just like phones, solar technology is constantly improving. And with Sunrun, you get expert system monitoring to ensure your Tier 1 panels work properly.

It increases property value
People want solar for the same reasons you do, So having panels on your home can oftentimes raise its resale value.

It helps the environment
Most of us don’t know where our energy comes from. Tapping into what’s already on your roof just makes sense — and the planet will thank you for it.

Your home. For the Future.

From the phone you may be reading this on to the computer you have set up for working remotely, almost everything we use in our modern lives relies on electricity. With the advent of futuristic items like electric vehicles and smart home devices, tomorrow is truly electric.

But where to get that power from? And how much will you have to pay the utility company for it? With Sunrun, the answers are your roof, and ideally nothing. The simple solution is to tap into the abundance of energy the sun provides every day as a means of powering our day to day lives. Using the source of life, to power our lives. That’s forward thinking.

Future Ready Equipment

Think of it like a silent generator. The battery stores excess energy your panels generate that can be tapped into in the event of a blackout.

EV Charging
It can be easy to overlook how much energy bills can jump up when purchasing an electric vehicle. With the right amount of solar power, you don’t have to worry about that.

Smart Electrical Panel
A more intelligent electric panel, giving you energy data about your home with actionable, previously unknown insights to how you use electricity.

Smart Home Devices
When paired with solar, you can monitor every aspect of your home exactly to your liking, even if you’re not home.

Reliable energy when you need it most

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Get charged up.

It seems like every other month there’s another news story about blackouts occurring somewhere in the country. Maybe it’s because it’s too cold in Texas. Maybe another hurricane is striking the South. Or perhaps California, yet again, has to shut off power due to wildfire danger.

Whatever the reason, with battery backup, that’s none of your concern. Your solar panels will charge your home, and the excess power will charge your battery. Think of it like a generator — only one you don’t have to worry about fueling yourself. When the grid goes down, your lights stay on and food stays fresh. You can rest easy knowing you’re taken care of.

How home battery backup works

- Collect energy from solar panels

- Stores it in the event it’s needed

- Automatically activated in event of grid outage

- Provides stored energy to electric appliances within the home

Savings for life.

There’s no debating that utility costs across the country are rising. Sometimes it’s simply due to inflation. Other times, it may be due to events equally out of our control, like global issues and political trends affecting energy supplies. What remains consistent through all of that, though, is the power of the sun. That power can translate into savings stemming from a contract to fit wherever you are in life.

How much you can save largely depends on your home, but there are multiple financing options available, one of which is sure to fit the specific needs of you, your life, and your home. If you’re curious about what you could save, the hassle-free way to figure it out is to have a no strings attached consultation with one of our experts.

Factors influencing your savings

- Average amount of your utility bill

- How long you plan on living in your home

- System size to fit your needs

- Average number of sunlight hours your house gets

- Pitch or angle of your roof

- Local weather patterns

Investments that pay off.

Sometimes we do things to our homes that are just for us, like painting superheroes on the wall of a child’s room. But the vast majority of the time, we want assurance that the money we put in, will be able to be taken out if we decide to move for any reason. Luckily, this applies to solar panels. Turns out, what’s a great deal for you, is a great deal for potential buyers as well. How much value you get will depend on your contract. Panels that are purchased outright, or were through a paid off loan, are usually counted as a real estate addition to the home. If you’re still making payments on a solar loan, ownership and added home value can fluctuate depending on the contract, and, if you do not own the panel system outright, the panels are not yet permanently part of the home. This is still an attractive scenario for many homebuyers though, as the appeal of having a locked in utility rate can act as another selling point.

Factors influencing additional value from solar panels

System Age
Like everything else, newer is more appealing.

System Size
Determines how much energy the system produces

Community preferences and utility rates are just two ways this can affect a system’s added value

Solar works for you.

The benefits of solar should be pretty clear at this point, yet one question remains. How does it all work? While the technical science behind it is complex, the actual process is fairly straightforward. The panels on your roof are made up of photovoltaic (“PV”) cells, which are able to capture sunlight and convert its energy into electricity. The only problem is it’s DC electricity, a different type of current than our homes and appliances use.
So the electricity routed through an inverter, which converts it into usable AC electricity. From here, the energy is used to power whatever you need! If your panels produce more electricity than you use, that’s even better news. If you have a battery backup system, it can be used to fill this resource. Otherwise, it’s sent back into your utility’s electrical grid, helping stabilize your entire neighborhood, and, typically, earning you credits.

Solar Equipment

Photovoltaic (PV) Cells
Convert sunlight into electricity by taking the photons from light, and using them to separate electrons from atoms on a molecular level.

Solar Panels
Composed of hundreds of PV cells linked together, creating a “panel” that you see on the roofs of homes.

A group of solar panels working together to power one location.

Converts raw energy generated by solar panels into electricity your home and appliances can use.

What to expect when you go solar.

While going solar isn’t as simple as screwing some panels on a roof and calling it a day, the good news is that with Sunrun, you’ll have an expert by your side every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible for you. Everything starts with a consultation, where we determine your specific energy needs and how to best serve them. Once that’s determined, a home assessment is performed to determine the perfect installation configuration to meet those needs.
From there we’ll create your specific system design, and handle getting the required approvals from your local utility and municipality. As soon as those are complete, we’ll schedule installation for a time that works best for you, and submit again for final approvals. Once those come through, the big day is here — system activation!

Your Solar Team

Sales Consultant
Your personal solar guru — breaking down complexities to help you understand what solar can do for your home, and how.

Site Technician
Measures your home, and checks it for certain requirements to confirm that your home is ready for solar panels.

Project Coordinator
Coordinates the design and installation processes, as well as any required permitting processes.

Installation Coordinator
Coordinate your schedule, our crew's schedule, permits, equipment, and more — to get panels installed.

Installation Crew
Experts in electrical engineering, home construction, and solar, who perform the actual installation.

Customer Care
Standing by after installation to answer questions and solve problems for the full 25 years of your agreement.

Field Service Technicians
Our systems are designed with durability in mind, but 25 years is a long time. If repairs are needed for any reasons, an expert technician will diagnose and solve the issue.