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Welcome to the California Grid Reliability Program

Thanks for choosing Sunrun to power your home and keep it powered during black-outs!

By participating in the California Grid Reliability Program, Sunrun customers with battery systems can help improve the grid's resiliency! 

Sunrun sends power from your battery to the grid when there is high demand. A portion of your battery will be reserved for back-up power at all times. The battery is always charged from your solar system and power is discharged during peak energy prices that coincide with your regular Time Of Use window, from 6-9PM. 

Sunrun delivers more than 80 megawatts of stored solar energy capacity from customer batteries to the California’s electric grid daily to reduce strain and improve energy resilience for all Californians. We are pleased to offer the California Grid Reliability Program to eligible customers across the state! 

Terms & Conditions

Your battery may be called upon to dispatch energy to meet grid needs, typically between 6-9 p.m. PT, during your regular Time Of Use (TOU) cycle window. During a dispatch, Sunrun will signal your Brightbox to send a certain amount of energy into the grid, providing clean electricity to your neighbors at times when it is needed most. 

A portion of your battery will be reserved strictly for back-up power at all times. If your home is affected by a grid outage, all the energy available in your battery will power your home until the grid is back online. 

The Cal-GR events will typically occur during the summer months, between June to October, to coincide with your battery’s programmed TOU behavior. However, participants with year-round TOU rates or summer-only rates may be called upon during the winter months when the battery is otherwise in back-up only mode. It is expected that non-summer dispatches will occur less than 20 times per year, and will have little to no impact on your battery’s overall life expectancy. You shouldn’t notice a difference in your home’s solar or battery system, and you’ll help lighten the load on the grid in your community. 

Eligible customers can redeem a promotional offering of $100 upon successful enrollment in the program. This may require you to confirm utility account information or un-enroll from certain demand response programs. 

The length of the Cal-GR Program may vary depending upon the utility and CA grid operator needs. The potential total duration of the program is 9 years. If your system becomes eligible for another grid program, we’ll notify you about other offers. 

Data and Privacy

In order to enroll you in this Program, we may use your phone number and SDG&E account number to share electric meter data with LEAPfrog, Inc., an energy market coordinator.  We may notify you in the future, as required, about (1) how your equipment may be affected; (2) how you will be compensated; (3) the expected participation duration; (4) the program partners; and (5) any additional authorizations or advanced partnership Sunrun needs from you to participate.

We may collect and use Data, defined as equipment operation and performance data, for the following purposes (in each case to the extent permitted by applicable law): (1) for Sunrun’s internal purposes, including, without limitation, sales, research and development, improvement of product and service offerings, and the creation of new product and service offerings; (2) to customize content and communications from Sunrun to you; (3) to support and facilitate your enrollment and participation in grid services/demand response programs with utilities and distributed energy resource providers; (4) as otherwise permitted in Sunrun’s Privacy Policy located at; and (5) for any other purposes so long as the Data does not contain Personal Information (including where Data has been deidentified or aggregated).

We’ll handle the rest!

Participation does not require additional service calls to your home or hardware modifications to your Brightbox battery. Additionally, nothing will be required of you when the program concludes. Any operational changes will be made by Sunrun automatically. 

For further assistance or information, please contact Sunrun Grid Services at