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Grid Services

Planning for a Changing Energy Landscape

Today’s energy grid is changing quickly. As more and more customers demand access to clean energy and new technology, policymakers, regulators, and grid managers are rethinking the infrastructure and markets that connect us with the power we use every day. This change means a new set of opportunities for collaboration between utilities and solution providers like Sunrun — a chance to work together to build a cleaner, more resilient energy system while delighting our shared customers.

Brightbox Solar + Storage

How Brightbox Solar Storage Works
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  5. Grid

Grid services for wholesale power markets and locational needs

Sunrun's full suite of grid services capabilities can be customized to meet grid managers' planning and operational needs. By aggregating Brightbox behind-the-meter solar and battery storage assets, we can provide capacity products, voltage support, and more.


Working with grid managers and utilities, we can:



Sunrun's Brightbox systems can ensure distributed solar capacity provides optimized value for the grid. Brightbox uses rooftop solar power to charge home batteries when on-premises demand is low, reducing midday solar injections. The batteries can then be discharged to reduce system ramp as demand increases.





Sunrun's Brightbox systems can deliver reactive power in response to grid needs, maintaining power quality and reliability in grid locations with high concentrations of distributed energy resources.

Industry-leading customer experience

Sunrun pioneered solar as a service in 2007, and is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and partners. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings. We form long-term partnerships with our customers, ensuring their solar and Brightbox systems perform as guaranteed during the life of a typical 20 to 25-year solar-as-a-service agreement.

Industry-leading customer experience

Partnerships for grid value and customer success

In collaboration with grid managers, we can deploy Brightbox systems where they will add the most value for utilities, the grid, and customers. We are actively delivering Demand Response and capacity services to meet operational needs in multiple geographies, and are partnering with grid managers to build a more resilient electricity system that integrates the new energy technologies customers want.

Together, we can develop and launch:

Bring-Your-Own-Device Programs to connect customers with the energy technology and choice they want, while allowing our partners to leverage the full technical capacity of Brightbox and other new energy resources.

Non-Wires Alternatives to reduce system upgrade costs while providing critical grid planning and operational capabilities.

Virtual Power Plants to integrate diverse resources into common operational assets for managing load, reducing system peak, and building resiliency at the local level.

Partnerships for grid value and customer success


Sunrun has installed more than 1.5 gigawatts of home solar for more than 230,000 customers, with thousands of households choosing our Brightbox solar and battery product. Sunrun is ready to work with our partners to deploy these systems with precision, when and where they will add the greatest value.


Audrey Lee, Ph.D.

Audrey Lee, Ph.D.

Vice President, Energy Services

[email protected]

Audrey deploys and aggregates home solar and batteries to create a more affordable, clean, reliable energy system. Audrey also serves on the Energy Storage Association Board and the NIST Smart Grid Advisory Committee. Read more »