Going Solar In Florida Is Now Easier And More Affordable Than Ever

The future of clean, reliable energy just got brighter in the Sunshine State!

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Kenton Warren

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The future of clean, reliable energy just got brighter in the Sunshine State!

Sunrun, the nation’s largest residential solar, battery storage and energy services company, is delighted to be the first company to offer Floridians solar-as-a-service. People across the state will now have an easy, reliable way to power their homes - from zero upfront cost*.

Create Year-Round Solar Electricity and Backup Power

Following a recent Public Service Commission decision, Floridians are able to lease solar equipment from Sunrun that enables them to create solar electricity year-round using rooftop panels and our Brightbox home battery service during power outages.

Sunrun’s solar-as-a-service gives residents access to solar from zero upfront cost and offers Floridians an easy and reliable way to power their homes. In addition, Sunrun also fully maintains the system, offering households a hassle-free option for going solar.

Peace of Mind with Brightbox

During Hurricane Irma, more than 15 million Floridians lost power. That’s more than 70 percent of Florida’s population. In total, there were more than 14 days without power in Florida in 2017 tied to 79 individual outages.

Sunrun’s home battery service, Brightbox, provides back-up electricity to households in the event of a power outage, allowing households to power through storms and outages.

Unlike a generator, Brightbox is recharged daily by the sun and reliably delivers clean electricity. As an added benefit, it can replace noisy natural gas or diesel generators commonly used for backup power.

Our Guarantee

BrightSave Monthly provides our home solar and battery service at a low upfront price. Now, you have the freedom to create your own energy using a best-in-class solar system and your roof. Our full service package comes with free equipment replacement and repairs, proactive upgrades, and a robust warranty.

In addition, Sunrun uses the best panel manufacturers and installers, creating systems that require zero upkeep from you.

Sunshine State Potential

Florida ranks third in the United States in terms of potential rooftop solar usage, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Home solar is expected to continue its expansion in Florida, with Sunrun aiming to create local solar jobs and also make solar more affordable and accessible to residents across the state.

“Freedom is a value Americans hold dear. In offering Floridians solar-as-a-service, households in the Sunshine State are given the freedom to make, control, and store their own energy. Unfortunately, too many Floridians have experienced first-hand the effects of extreme weather and power outages. Home solar and batteries provide peace of mind and backup power when disaster strikes, keeping food fresh and the lights on,” said Lynn Jurich, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Sunrun.

With Florida now poised to expand its use of solar power generation and hurricane season in full effect, there’s no better time to go solar than now.

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*$0 down offering is only available to select utility customers at this time. Contact Sunrun for further details.
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