Going Solar for a Peaceful Retirement

Rose Ann Inzano | New Jersey | Solar Customer Since 2012

Sunrun connected with Rose Ann Inzano on a 100-degree day in Jackson, New Jersey. Rose said it felt much hotter with the humidity, but wasn’t concerned about it because her solar allowed her to keep her home cool.

Rose’s story begins in 2012. She was at a local fair near Jackson, New Jersey when she stopped by the booth on home solar. It was there that she learned how much she could be saving on her electric bill each month. The next thing she knew, Rose “took the card, called the guy and that was it.” Today, she’s been benefiting from home solar for over 6 years.

When her system was installed, Rose kept horses on her property, so she had the solar panels installed on both her barn and her home. By choosing the zero down option, the only thing she had to pay for was the construction permit. Today, Rose’s electric bills are as low as $0 a month. “I was never able to turn on my air conditioner before going solar because the bills were too expensive with AC. Now that I have solar, my air is on all the time. It’s fantastic!” Rose values the freedom that solar gives her to use her AC as often as she needs. As temperatures in New Jersey continue to rise, she can rest easy knowing she can count on her electricity bills to stay low.

Rose Anne Inzano Solar Horse

In addition to rare electric bills, Rose benefits from Sunrun’s superior solar-as-a-service plan. “[Sunrun] monitors the panels and, if there’s a problem, they just email me. It’s only happened once and I just had to shut something off and then turn it back on.” Super simple. And, since passerbys can’t see the solar panels from the street, Rose has proudly placed the sign on her fence to share her choice to switch to renewable energy with the world. “I’ve recommended a whole boatload of people,” shared Rose, “I know one person did for sure because I was paid [the referral bonus] for it.”

Today, Rose no longer takes care of horses. Instead, she can be found growing vegetables in her garden. Since Rose is retired and on a fixed income,  going solar has made her electric bill one less thing to worry about on hot, summer days in New Jersey. This peace of mind is worth a lot more than the electric bill that she hasn’t had to pay for in over two months.

Rose Anne Inzano Solar Home

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