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Enjoy Clean Energy & Peace of Mind With Solar Panels in Westminster, CO

Solar Made Simple for Westminster Homeowners

We love the fact that Westminster’s city website has a section under Sustainability that helps its residents discover local energy rebates. That’s incredibly “forward thinking” as the saying goes.  Sunrun™ feels strongly that providing this kind of value will help more homeowners go solar. We consider ourselves a forward-thinking and community-driven solar business, too, and support all alternative energy efforts across the U.S.1

In fact, our solar advisors are well-versed in all available incentives at the local, state and federal levels. You won’t miss a penny of possible savings when you go solar with Sunrun.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint & Saving the World With Solar

The most important factor in going solar is environmental savings; going solar helps save your city and the planet from dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Westminster's mayor, Herb Atchison, is one voice out of thousands from cities, states, organizations and Fortune 500 companies across America who have committed to the Paris climate agreement.2

While the use of coal has gradually declined across our nation, Colorado unfortunately still uses coal for over 60% of the state’s electricity needs. And coal is becoming increasingly unaffordable while wind and solar energy is becoming more affordable. And even worse is that burning coal accounts for nearly 27% of Colorado’s dangerous toxic emissions.3

Utility Prices are Rising, Stay Protected with Solar Energy

Although residential utility rates have risen 4% across our nation over the past 10 years,4 they have risen roughly 60% in Colorado over the past 15 years.5

Electricity rates go up and down throughout the year due to factors outside your control. There are grid failures6 (in some sections our national grid is nearly 100 years old), blackouts, and extreme weather conditions -- but for the most part you can expect your rates to steadily go up every year.7

However, you can take control of rising prices when you go solar. You can lock in at today’s energy rates for two decades when you get a solar system with Sunrun. Think about that for a moment. That years of energy at today’s prices. No hike, no surprise bills… just savings.

Peace of Mind & Simplicity with Sunrun

Our customers - thousands of them - have saved hundreds of millions of dollars with our solar systems. There are many options that allow you to save money today, whether you want to lease or own.

The best incentive? We do it all. Sunrun comes out to assess your location, roof angles and home energy needs. We file for permits and local, state and federal solar incentives and tax credits8 (we’ll help you find those savings!).

Once you become a member of the Sunrun family, our solar technicians (only the best) come out and install your system. They don’t leave until you are up and running and ready to enjoy solar energy and the savings along with it.

Solar for Little to $0 Down

Lock in long term savings at today’s rate with our popular solar option, BrightSave Monthly. You start saving money today for little to zero down. Enjoy the benefits of solar and get the same dependable power as full ownership. We design a custom system to meet your needs, with the best technology available, and you get a professionally managed and maintained system.

Bottom line? Pay for the power, not the panels.

Own Your System and Your Savings with Sunrun

Own your own solar panel system with our BrightBuy™ option. Build equity in your home, keep the tax incentives and applicable rebates, and maximize your monthly savings. Don’t forget about the 30% credit from our government as a reward for going solar - allowing you to reduce your solar installation costs by thousands. Read more about Colorado solar incentives and rebates here. Your system is, of course, backed by our high-quality workmanship and manufacturer warranty.

Or keep all the benefits of ownership without the upfront cost when you finance your system at a competitive rate with BrightAdvantage™. Enjoy clean, reliable energy without worrying about rising energy costs, hidden fees and surprise hikes on your electric bill. Pay less, generate clean energy and save more!

Save with a One-Time Upfront Payment

Check out our BrightSave™ Prepaid plan. With a lower upfront (one-time) payment you can lock in up to 25 years of electricity at today’s prices. And no monthly payments. How sweet would it be to forget that you ever had a utility bill to begin with? Bumper-to-bumper coverage and no maintenance costs. We cover all parts and labor.

It’s worth saying again. We proactively monitor your system to ensure optimal performance. We will fix your system if you experience any issues - no worries about expensive repairs! Sunrun covers those with BrightSave™ Prepaid.

What Does it Cost to Go Solar in Westminster?

If you are wondering what it cost to go solar in Westminster, it’s about the same as in any other city in Colorado. There are many factors at play, most of which have been covered in this article. Our best-in-class solar advisors will zero in on your costs during our complementary evaluation.

Get a complimentary solar quote that is specific to your energy needs today. Or give us call. We love to talk solar.

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you qualify for solar

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