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Solar Panels & Energy Storage are Made Just For You in Northampton, MA

Solar Has Never Been This Simple in Northampton, MA

The citizens in Northampton are proud of their political heritage. Sojourner Truth, a former slave who became a national advocate for equity and justice, lived in Northampton in the 1800s. The city is known for its academic, artistic, and musical hubs. Its residents support numerous alternative organizations1.

Northampton is also forward-thinking when it comes to alternative energies. This city understands that it can protect its residents from increasing energy prices - and save the planet at the same time - by going solar2.

Northampton Residents Embrace Solar Energy & Long Term Savings

Northampton is committed to being one of the most sustainable communities in the nation. Not too long ago it received a 5-Star Community Rating for its efforts3. We want to support Northampton and make it easy for residential homeowners to go solar, lock in low utility rates and support healthier communities.

Sunrun™ Solar Battery Storage Service Protects You Against Outages

Homeowners in Massachusetts are (unfortunately) very familiar with severe weather and power outages. 320,000 homes lost power after hurricane-force winds whipped through Massachusetts late 2017, the most since Superstorm Sandy. And early this year, a storm has already knocked out electricity to more than 224,000 homes and businesses4.

As a result, emergency generator sales are huge. But generators are toxic, noisy, high maintenance… and require fuel. And fossil fuels are non-renewable. It takes millions of years to create fuel. We simply can’t wait for that. Our battery service solution, Brightbox™, can be cheaper than diesel-powered generators, and require less maintenance.

Sunrun’s solar battery service can keep your home humming during a power outage. Working in conjunction with your panels, our battery powers on during a blackout. You can weather through a storm with confidence that the lights will stay on and your food will stay cold.

Little To $0 Down with Sunrun Means Affordable Solar Power

Make the switch to BrightSave Monthly™. Why pay for the power when you can pay for the panels with ZERO down? We do everything: install your panels, handle maintenance, guarantee performance and monitor your system for twenty years.

Stop dreading the monthly utility bill. If you’re tired of getting bills reminding you of rising energy prices, look into BrightSave Prepaid™. Your upfront, one-time payment will offset 90% or more on your energy bill when you lock in a low rate for up to 25 years.

Savings for Life - and Saving Our Planet - When You Own Sunrun

You can own your system and keep all the savings and tax incentives for life with BrightBuy™. (And help save our planet at the same time.) No bothersome monthly payments and savings over the life of your system. And Massachusetts has some of the best solar tax incentives for homeowners who want to own5.

If you don’t have the cash but still want to own, you can with $0 down (and still receive tax credits). Check into our BrightAdvantage™ solar option. Finance your system with low, fixed monthly payments.

Making Financial Sense with Sunrun - Lock in a Low Rate

When you lock in a low rate today you lower your monthly bill for tomorrow, and for two decades to come. Energy bills are rising6 and you can do something about it. No matter what financial option you choose, you are guaranteed to save by locking in at today’s energy prices.

Get a complimentary solar quote that is specific to your energy needs. Talk to us about your solar needs today.

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