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Solar Savings in Springfield, MA with Sunrun™

Springfield, MA residents know snow storms, tropical winds and microbursts. (And for those of you who don’t live in Massachusetts, a “microburst” is a sudden, powerful burst of air.) Over the past decade these extreme weather conditions have left millions without power, and caused millions in property damage.1

It comes as no surprise that Springfield is big on solar. It will soon be home to a third (it already has two!) solar power plant as part of its statewide commitment to decrease its dependence on dirty fossil fuels. The city’s focus is not only on significant environmental benefits through solar, but on savings for the community, too.2

Solar Panels and Long Term Savings in Springfield, MA

Springfield plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 to make the city more resilient to the effects of climate change.3 This will require the state government, businesses and residents to work together to make a better future for our kids.

Our goal at Sunrun is to be there every step of the way for Springfield residential homeowners. We plan on working across rooftops, one family at a time, to provide  solar panels and long term savings for decades to come.

Solar Battery Storage Service for Springfield Homes - The Smart, Clean Alternative

Sunrun’s solar battery service, Brightbox™,  keeps Springfield homes humming during a power outage. Working in conjunction with your rooftop solar panels, your battery powers up during a blackout - giving you the control you need to weather through the storm. Any storm.

Generators are commonly used as backups to power through an outage. Generators produce toxic fumes, must be kept far from your house, are noisy and use gas or diesel that must be replaced. But with Sunrun’s battery there are no harmful effects, no extra noise, and no gas or diesel required. Our battery is charged by your solar panels and powers on during a blackout for up to 10 hours. And when the sun comes back out - your panels start recharging your battery again.

Affordable Solar Power for Little To $0 Down

Why pay for the power when you can simply pay for the solar panels with ZERO down? Make the switch to BrightSave Monthly™. We install your panels, handle maintenance, guarantee performance, and monitor your system for twenty years!

If you’re tired of getting monthly utility bills reminding  you of rising energy prices, look into BrightSave Prepaid™. Your upfront, one-time payment will offset 90% or more on your energy bill when you lock in a low rate for up to 25 years.

No Monthly Payments and Savings for Life with Clean Energy

If you want to purchase your solar system with cash... you can. You can own your system and keep all the savings and tax incentives for life with BrightBuy™. And Massachusetts has some of the best solar tax incentives for homeowners who want to own.4

Don’t have the cash but you still want the tax credits? You can own with $0 down, and still reap the benefits. Check into our BrightAdvantage™ solar option. Finance your system with low, fixed monthly payments.

Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bill When You Lock in a Low Rate

When you lock in a low rate today you lower your monthly bill for tomorrow, and for two decades to come. Energy bills are rising5 and you can do something about it. No matter what financial option you choose, you are guaranteed to save by locking in at today’s energy prices.

For solar power rankings6 across the U.S., Massachusetts gets an "A".  Don’t settle for an "F" grade, or anything less than a healthy planet. Get a free solar quote that is specific to your energy needs today.

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