Power up your savings with home solar panels in Maryland

Home solar panels is the way to save in Maryland.

From the old battlefields and maritime history, to the modern arts and cultural scene (not to mention the best crab cakes anywhere), Maryland is a place that loves to embrace its past while diving into the future. And with high electricity prices, Maryland homeowners are forging a path to the future by choosing solar! In fact, Marylanders invested $221 million on solar installations last year—that’s a 95% increase over the previous year1, and it’s expected to keep growing. Living here, we know that you love it all. And we don’t blame you. In fact, we want to up the ante and help you really enjoy your life in Maryland with solar energy. All you have to do is leave the grips of your local utility company.

With home solar panels from Sunrun, you can say goodbye to costly and unpredictable Maryland energy rates. Sunlight is clean, renewable, and efficient. And when you use your solar system to produce power for your home, you can lock in a low rate for the lifetime of your solar system. That’s years of savings with clean, affordable energy. And with support from the capitol and local authorities, you won’t be alone! So don’t wait — join the growing solar community in Maryland today and see just how good Maryland solar can be.

Maryland Solar Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits

Solar Savings Types Value of Savings
Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) 30% of the total system cost
Maryland Solar Rebate Program Up to $1,000 grant
Maryland Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Varies depending on market value
Other Programs Variable (Net Metering)
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**Customer’s ability to monetize rebates, incentives and tax credits depends on several factors, including, without limitation, continued state subsidization of these policies, the applicable Sunrun product type, and whether a customer purchases or leases a solar system from Sunrun.

We're making going solar in Maryland affordable

With all the sun here in Maryland, we know that we can do our best work. That’s because we’re really committed to helping residents of this great state save money on their power bill — today, tomorrow, and in the future. And we have the experience and resources to do it. As the largest dedicated home solar company in the country, we’ve developed a personalized and simple process that allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy quickly and easily.

With just a simple phone call, you’ll be well on your way to getting a customized solar design for your home. This design is implemented by one of our extensive network of local partners. By working with them, you can enjoy quick and professional solar installations from certified folks who live near you. They’re verified by Sunrun, so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

And, with our daily monitoring of your solar system, you’ll have a lot less to worry about in the long-run. That’s because whether it’s an equipment failure or a simple checkup, Sunrun will be on it faster than you can say “solar savings”! The best part is, all of our services are provided under flexible financing, including solar leases and PPA agreements, allowing you to benefit from solar on your own terms and within your budget.

So what’re you waiting for? Check out our service areas and see if we can help you make the switch in Maryland with a free solar quote today.

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