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Utah Solar Financing

With all the options out there, financing a solar system can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we’re here to make solar financing easy while maximizing your savings. You’re already well on your way to joining 300,000+ homes in Utah already powered by solar.1 Ready to join their ranks? We’ve broken down our Utah solar financing options so you can decide which path to solar works best for you.

Own your system and your savings

The price of solar energy has dropped by 64% in the last five years, which means going solar in Utah is more affordable than ever.2 Our BrightBuy™ solar option helps make the path to ownership easy and stress-free. Our solar systems are some of the highest quality available, and last 25-40 years to maximize long-term savings.

Owning your own solar system means that tax credits like the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)3 and the Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit4 go directly to you. It can also build equity in your home—research shows that solar increases home equity by an average of $15,000.5

Want the benefits of ownership without the upfront cost? Our BrightAdvantage™  solar plan has all the perks of BrightBuy plus the flexibility of a loan. You could enjoy low, fixed monthly payments at competitive rates and no upfront costs. Paying less while saving more? That’s something we can all get behind.

No surprises, just savings

Both BrightBuy and BrightAdvantage let you enjoy clean, reliable energy on your own terms. Backed by high-quality workmanship and manufacturer warranties, our solar systems are tailored to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle. We’ll also take care of any paperwork, permits, and handle all aspects of installation. No hidden fees, no surprise hikes on your electric bill, just solar savings made simple.

See how much you could save today

Customers have already saved over $150 MM* with Sunrun. When you’re partnering with a company backed by 20+ years of residential solar experience, you know you’re in good hands. See why over 130,000 customers have already made the choice to go solar with Sunrun and get a free quote today.

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you qualify for solar

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