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It’s gearing up to be another stormy season,1 and the question on everyone’s mind is: am I ready for it? Don’t be left in the dark. Now, there is clean, affordable home solar battery storage in Florida that puts you in control.

Keep reading to see how Sunrun Brightbox can power you towards a brighter future, whatever the weather.  

Sunrun Brightbox Battery Storage

Sunrun Brightbox Home Solar + Energy Storage

Keep the Lights On with Sunrun Brightbox

It’s not just in your head—last year was a busy season for hurricanes. At its worst, 15 million Floridians were left without power in the wake of Hurricane Irma.2 In fact, Florida is in the top 10 states when it comes to power outages.3

And it isn’t expected to let up anytime soon.4 While Florida certainly lives up to its reputation as the Sunshine State, it’s all the more reason to store sunshine when the next storm strikes.

So what is the best solution? Emergency generators that eat up gallons of fuel by the day is by no means ideal.5 Now, with home solar batteries like Brightbox, there are clean, affordable options. Florida is looking into ways to use solar panels and battery storage to power up after natural disasters hit.6

We, too, are hard at work creating a brighter future for our kids using clean energy and less fossil fuels. That’s where Brightbox steps in:

1. Power Through Blackouts with a Safe Home Solar Battery Storage Service in Florida

Your Brightbox battery kicks in during a power outage, keeping your lights on while you stay safely inside and in control. The alternative? Unruly generators that have to be kept outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.7

With Sunrun Brigthbox there are no harmful effects, no extra noise, and no gas or diesel. Our lithium-ion battery is charged by your solar panels, and powers on during an outage for up to 10 hours. When the sun comes back out, your panels start recharging again. And if you get sun almost everyday? Your battery has unlimited potential.

2. Lock-In Affordable Financing Options

Sunrun makes Florida solar battery costs flexible and affordable. You don’t have to be at the whim of unpredictable utility bills. Get financial peace of mind with Sunrun today with an upfront investment, monthly payments, or purchase the system outright. You choose—our flexible financial options are designed to offer long-term savings.

3. The Clean Alternative to Diesel or Natural Gas

Our home solar battery is the clean alternative to diesel or natural gas generators. And unlike power generators, Brightbox can give you peace of mind all year long. The research is in—power from the sun is the clean way to energize our planet. Lights out in the neighborhood? Not a problem in your Brilliant Home.



Throughout the day, your solar energy system powers your home and keeps your battery charged. Now, if there is an outage in the night, Brightbox can power the things you care about most for up to 10 hours* or until the sun comes up again.


Keep your food cold, your lights on, and enjoy greater peace-of-mind during a power outage with Sunrun Brightbox.

Stay comfortable
Keep your

food fresh
Stay connected
Watch TV
Power your lights
Open your

garage door
Use the internet

* Backup time estimates are based on a fully charged battery and typical use of standard appliances, lights, and outlets.


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