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Grow Your Savings with Solar Panels + Solar Battery Storage in Big Island, HI

Enjoy The Sun and Save with Big Island Solar

Life on the Big Island tends towards being just that — big. And this also applies to the cost you pay for residential electricity, which is over 200% greater vs. the national average.1 These are the highest rates in the United States!2

But don’t despair, you live in one of the best states for solar in our country. In fact, Hawaii’s legislature has set a big goal when it comes to renewable energy: 100% by 2050.3 Meaning, no more fossil fuels! So if you’re ready to reduce your carbon footprint, while saving thousands on electricity bills, Sunrun is here to help.

Sustainable Savings Made Simple

Here at Sunrun, we truly love solar, and we understand its potential to help homeowners like you save on their monthly electricity costs. That’s why we make it our goal to make solar as simple and affordable as possible. And with solar plans and home energy storage products designed to fit just about any budget, we’re confident you’ll love solar just as much as us.

Solar with Us Starts at Little to $0 Down

With BrightSave™ Monthly, you can start for $0 down. With this plan, we’ll customize a solar setup to meet your unique needs, and we’ll even provide system maintenance and monitoring for the up to 25 years. In short, you’ll pay for the power, not for the panels.

But if you want to lock in long-term savings with a 100% peace of mind, our BrightSave™ Prepaid plan lets you pay upfront for years of electricity at today’s prices. This means no monthly solar bills, no concerns about rising electricity rates, and two decades of worry-free energy. Now that’s solar made simple.

Want to Save Big Money? Meet Sunrun Brightbox™

Brightbox™ is a holistic solar storage service with a home battery unit that offers you advanced control over your home energy needs. See, during the day while the sun is out and your panels are generating more electricity than you require at the time, Brightbox will store the surplus for later use. And as the sun sets and your solar panels begin to cool off, it will draw on that stored energy, limiting your reliance on the expensive power coming from the grid, and helping you to save money in the process.

This also comes in extra handy during pesky power outages because you’ll be able to keep your devices and appliances running for up to 10 hours.* Plus, with Time-of-Use rates, you can save more money by shifting your energy use away from expensive high-demand on-peak rates.4 Welcome to the future of home energy storage.

Why Choose BrightBox™ Home Solar Battery Storage Service?

  1. Save Money Now - Avoid expensive electricity rates by using low cost energy from BrightBox. Electricity rates start at 22 c/kWH in the Big Island.
  2. 24/7 Access to Solar - During the daytime, your rooftop solar panels will power your home and store excess energy in your BrightBox. At night, your home will draw energy from BrightBox. Not to mention you have protection against local power outages that may occur.
  3. Peace of Mind - With BrightBox, we take care of everything from permitting to installation, while you sit back and watch the savings roll in.
  4. Skip the Line - Sunrun BrightBox customers will be the first to save with solar thanks to faster interconnection timelines with HELCO.
  5. Multiple Payment Options - BrightBox makes solar and energy storage affordable for everyone. Lease, prepaid and cash options are available.

Your Home, Your System, Your Savings

If you’d prefer to jump right into ownership, we’ve got you (and your roof) covered. Purchase your solar system from Sunrun with BrightBuy™ and own your system and your savings for life, while building equity in your home.

Of if you’d like to avoid the upfront expense of ownership, we can set you up with a simple solar loan through our BrightAdvantage™ plan. Simple means fixed monthly payments, no hidden costs, and competitive rates.

Best of all, becoming a solar owner entitles you to additional benefits, astounding ones like a 30% federal tax credit, and a state tax credit of up to 35% of the cost of your system. So a standard 5-kW system will net you an estimated $11,000 back from both credits.5 Energy independence is yours for the taking!

Get Your Free, Personalized Solar Quote Today

If you were to look outside right now, odds are the sun is shining. And since solar power in “The Aloha State” is almost 240% more cost-effective than the rest of the nation,6 not taking the solar leap could end up costing you $36,000 or more in electricity bills over the next 20 - 30 years. Think of all the savings you’re missing out on!

Contact one of our Sunrun solar advisors to request your free, personalized quote and start saving thousands with the sun today!

Hawaii Spotlight Group

Universities & Colleges

Hawaii: One of the 1st states to tap into sun power. The University of Hawaii on the Big Island supports clean energy by offering classes in global warming and climate change

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Municipal & Government

The Hawaii Green Business Program is a free state program that recognizes businesses that strive to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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The Big Island supports sustainable industries using sunshine, seawater and ingenuity. Do you believe in sun power? Visit HI Ocean Science & Technology Park while you're there.

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Things to Do

Begin your solar journey when you visit the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park. This Big Island park provides resources and facilities for energy and ocean-related research.

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