Honolulu, HI: A Major Hub for Solar Energy and Battery Storage Solutions

Honolulu Solar Panels Make it Easy to Save

Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital, its largest city — and a true melting pot of cultures. It also has some of the most expensive utility rates in the U.S. In fact, Honolulu residents pay almost 200% more for their electricity compared to Americans living in other states.1 

But there’s a bright side, too! The Aloha State is one of the top states in the nation to go solar. See, Hawaii’s commitment to setting bold, clean energy goals include achieving the nation’s first-ever 100% renewable portfolio standards (RPS) by the year 2045.2 So if you want to join your state’s astounding carbon-free movement, Sunrun is here to guide you every step of the way.

Sunrun Truly Wants to Help You Save With Solar

At Sunrun, it’s our core belief that solar needs to be simple, and above all, affordable. That’s why we offer solar plans and residential energy storage products designed to fit just about any budget or lifestyle.

Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of Sunrun customers have chosen to electrify their homes with solar energy; helping them save hundreds of millions of dollars on their utility bills.* Proving that combating climate change doesn’t need to be inconvenient.3

We Make Solar Accessible for Everyone — It Starts at Little to $0 Down

Lease your solar panels with BrightSave™ Monthly for no money down. We’ll create a solar setup to meet your unique needs, and even take care of the installation, along with professional system monitoring and maintenance while we’re at it.

Or, if you want maximum savings and 100% peace of mind, choose our BrightSave™ Prepaid plan. You just need to make a simple, one-time upfront payment, and in return, you’ll receive up to 25 years of worry-free energy at a lower price than what you pay for your utility today. Go prepaid and save big!

Honolulu is Ready for Sunrun's Solar Energy + Battery Storage Service, Brightbox™

Brightbox is our holistic solar battery storage service, powered by your roof’s panels, that’s designed to give you day-and-night access to clean, renewable energy and provide you with more control over your solar savings. Run your home devices grid-free for up to 10 hours**, and make the most out of Hawaii's Time-of-Use rates. This lets you shift your energy use away from expensive high-demand on-peak rates4 so you can continue saving money. Brightbox is the future of stored energy.

Day-and-Night Solar Savings with Sunrun BrightBox

Why Sunrun Brightbox?

Save money now

Avoid expensive electricity rates by using low cost energy from BrightBox. Electricity rates start at 19 c/kWH in Honolulu.

24/7 access to solar

During the daytime, your rooftop solar panels will power your home and store excess energy in your Brightbox. At night, your home will draw energy from Brightbox.

Peace of mind

With Brightbox, we take care of everything from permitting to installation, while you sit back and watch the savings roll in.

Skip the line

Sunrun Brightbox customers will be the first to save with solar thanks to faster interconnection timelines with HECO.

Multiple payment options

Brightbox makes solar and energy storage affordable for everyone. Lease, prepaid and cash options are available.

Experience the Pride of Solar Ownership and Save More

Of course, there’s a certain appeal to owning panels of your own. And with systems designed to last 30 years or more, you could be looking at some serious solar savings. With BrightBuy™, you can own the system and the savings, while building equity in your property. Or if you want to buy your system for $0 down, our BrightAdvantage™ plan takes you to the solar ownership turf through a simple solar loan and fixed monthly payments.

Whichever route you go, you may also qualify for some additional perks, including a 30% federal tax credit and a state tax credit of up to 35% of the cost of your system. 

Prepare for the Future with Sunrun

Personalized quotes are always free at Sunrun. So what’s stopping you from contacting our solar advisors? 

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