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Bank on savings all year when you go solar in Carlisle, MA

Show Your Wallet More Love with Solar Savings in Carlisle, MA

Carlisle is part of Middlesex County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since it was first settled in 1650, its strong community spirit has been beating vigorously. In fact, residents are continuously praising their town’s school district, biosphere reserves, and transportation services.

Plus, it’s super pet-friendly, and has terrific areas to run, bike and hike — so spending time outdoors is simply an intrinsic element of many daily routines.  

This land receives about 201 sun-infused days per year, too.1 And the 4-1-1 on that 2-0-1, is: With solar power in Carlisle you’ll avoid paying for electricity rates 25% higher vs. other states.2 Hey, we don’t know if you prefer to break a sweat at the Great Brook Ski Touring Center or the Farm State Park, but we do know going solar with Sunrun is one of the smartest moves to keep your wallet healthy.

Solar Savings are Here to Stay

While some folks say ice cream solves many problems, we Sunrunners believe solar raises the problem-solving bar — especially in Massachusetts. For starters, to help combat the rise in electricity rates, your state has taken aggressive measures to promote renewable energy and has also created alluring solar incentives to reduce the cost of harnessing the sun’s might.3

Going solar to buy, lease or finance your system, doesn’t get better than this! Solar-lover tip: Act now to lock yourself into the biggest savings possible, because some solar incentives will drop this year.*4 If you’re serious about solar, don’t wait too long.

Since 2007, thousands of Sunrun customers have chosen to electrify their homes with clean, renewable energy; helping Americans save millions of dollars on their utility bills.**5 Savings from the sun? You bet!

Produce. Store. Save. Repeat.

When you get solar panels in Carlisle, you become your own solar company. But with Sunrun Brightbox™, you’ll transform your place into the most efficient solar depot ever. This home solar battery service is an affordable and cleaner alternative to diesel or natural gas-powered generators.

And the best part? It’s self-sufficient. Letting you store the electricity your system produces to keep your devices running during a blackout. Which as you’re perfectly aware, tend to happen a lot in New England. Stop cursing rodents with fluffy tails and the tantrums of Mr. Weather. Now you can regain control and a sense of security with no fumes, no fuel, no noise and no hassle. Yes, it’s time to recharge batteries and save big.

No Money Down, No Monthly Payments — All Solar.

Go solar your way with BrightSave™ Monthly for $0 down. By leasing your solar panels, you’ll get the same dependable power as full-ownership, but with the added perks of a professionally managed and maintained system, along with predictable rates for up to 25 years. Your new lease on savings!

If you’re tired of utility bills, BrightSave™ Prepaid offers you maximum savings, no monthly installments, and 100% peace of mind. With this plan, a simple, one-time upfront payment is the only action separating you from up to 25 years of clean, renewable solar energy; and at a lower rate than what you pay today. With Sunrun, smiling is simple.

Kick Your Solar Benefits Up A Notch by Becoming A System Owner

Solar ownership with BrightBuy™ or BrightAdvantage™ is something else. Because when you choose to purchase or finance your solar panels, you’ll get the sun juice, the cool savings, a marvelous 30% tax credit, and jump in property value. To top this, our systems are designed to last 30 years, so you’ll save even more; without worrying about rising energy costs, hidden fees, and surprise hikes on your electric bill.

Cheers to you, cheers to solar, ownership is the greatest bill controller.

A Sunrun System Pairs Great with Your Community’s Nature-friendly Environment

No gimmicks or high-pressure tactics, we’re just telling it as it is. Sunrun is the solar company in Carlisle that will help you strengthen your bond with Mother Nature while offsetting some or all the costs you could be paying for electricity over the next 25 years. In some cases, they end up piling to $36,000 or more.

If last year Massachusetts became the top state to rock home solar panels, thanks to its re-commitment to net metering and the retention of attractive financial rewards;6 what’s stopping you from going solar?

Solar quotes are always free at Sunrun — so give yourself the gift of a lower electric bill and cleaner skies by contacting our solar consultants today.


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