We’ve partnered with leaders in battery storage to make it easier for Hawaii homeowners to enjoy more solar savings - and protection from power outages - with Brightbox™. Our high-tech solution ensures you get the energy you need if your home goes dark.

High-Tech Battery Storage

Our partners, LG Chem, are world leaders in battery technology. Trusted brands like Apple and Volvo use LG Chem’s lithium batteries. And so do we. Come rain or shine Brightbox™ offers Hawaiians a battery storage solution for blackouts, grid failures or when the sun goes down. BrightboxTM solar battery service is only available for new Sunrun customers.

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3 Brightbox™ Benefits for Hawaiians

  1. Solar Power During an Outage

    Most solar systems turn off for safety reasons when the power grid goes down. (A grid is the distribution network that carries electricity from a power plant to you.) But with Brightbox™ you keep producing solar energy during a blackout. You can use this energy to power your home and charge your battery.
  2. Long-Term Savings

    Hawaii is near the equator and receives stronger energy from the sun than in other states.1 Why not capture this power to help reduce rising energy costs? Excess energy during the day is stored in your battery to power your home after dark, which helps reduce your utility bill during peak time-of-use rates.2
  3. Financing Flexibility

    Like everything we do, Brightbox™ is designed for simplicity. Which means you can power your home your way, day and night. There are flexible options to own, finance or lease Sunrun’s energy storage solution. In fact, lease now with $0 down and start saving right away.

The Sun Never Sets with Brightbox™

A few homeowners can use power during the day to avoid high time-of-use rates.3 Many of us cannot due to our busy schedules. But whether you use power day or night, Brightbox™ helps guarantee the lowest utility bill payment possible. Take control of your savings with the future of home energy storage!

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