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BrightBox™ Hawaii

Run your home on the sun 24/7 in Hawaii

Day-and-Night Solar Savings

Imagine a world where your home is run on the sun, day and night. The future is here with Sunrun BrightBox™. BrightBox is Sunrun’s new solar energy storage solution for homeowners to help them maximize their solar savings. It combines Sunrun’s solar power generation with smart inverter technology and home battery storage in a customized solution that provides homeowners with clean, affordable energy day and night. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your solar battery. At night, your home draws energy from your battery, saving you money on energy costs.

Sunrun made saving with solar simple, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve partnered with solar energy storage leaders like LG Chem to make it easy for Hawaii homeowners to enjoy even more home savings. LG Chem’s battery technology is among the most proven and reliable in the world!

Installing BrightBoxTM is a piece of cake. You say "Yes!," and we take care of everything from system design, to permitting and installation.

Sunrun BrightBox Battery Sotrage

Why Sunrun BrightBox?

Even more savings

Avoid using more expensive utility power by using cheaper energy from your solar battery.

24/7 access to solar

During the daytime, your rooftop solar panels will power your home and store excess energy in your BrightBox. At night, your home will draw energy from BrightBox.

Peace of mind

BrightBox reduces your dependence on utility power and ensures your energy costs stay predictably low, while still giving you the benefits of being connected to the grid.

Skip the line

Be the first to save with solar, thanks to HECO’s expedited interconnection timeline—an exclusive benefit to solar battery homeowners.

How solar energy storage works

Click and drag your mouse below to see how solar energy storage works during day and night.

  1. Solar Panels — Money-saving panels
  2. Inverter — A smart inverter allows solar power to flow either to the battery or your home.
  3. Battery — A wall-mounted solar battery that can keep your home powered day and night.
  4. Electric panel — A standard household electric panel.
  5. Utility meter — A standard household utility meter or smart meter.
Tesla storage graphicTesla storage graphic


With solar energy storage, you can generate solar electricity and keep it too. If you’re a homeowner in Hawaii, you can estimate your solar savings from Sunrun today to start building a better, brighter future.

Day-and-Night Solar Savings with Sunrun BrightBox

Learn More

BrightBox is about as new to homeowners as the Internet was in 1995. Here are some answers to common questions you might have.

What is BrightBox?
BrightBox is a solar energy storage solution for your home that includes a solar system and solar battery. Using Sunrun technology, it manages your solar power, battery power, and utility power to maximize your savings, day and night.

How exactly does BrightBox work?
During the day, your money-saving solar panels power your home while excess electricity is used to charge your solar battery. At night, BrightBox takes the reigns to power your home. Throughout this process, a controller manages the battery, discharging and charging it accordingly to meet your energy demands. Your solar energy system and solar battery maintain a connection to the utility grid.

How is Sunrun bringing solar batteries to Hawaii?
To bring new solar innovations to homeowners, we only partner with the best in the business. That’s why we have chosen to partner with LG Chem, a fellow leader in renewable energy. LG Chem batteries are used by leading brands like Apple and Volvo for everything from cell phones to electric cars. We’re joining forces to help you save even more with solar.

Where will the solar battery be installed on my home?
The LG Chem battery is a wall-mountable and outdoor rated lithium-ion battery that will be installed next to your solar inverter and electric meter.

Is my home a good fit for BrightBox?
Homeowners in Hawaii who have not gone solar yet may be a good fit for solar energy storage with Sunrun. Why Hawaii? With the removal of retail-rate net metering in Hawaii, solar homeowners can no longer sell their excess solar energy to the utility grid at a retail price. Hawaii homeowners can enjoy additional solar savings by storing their solar energy at home instead of selling it to the grid for a below-market rate. In the future, we hope to offer BrightBox solar energy storage to more consumers in areas where we believe we can save homeowners the most money.

Now that you know even more about BrightBox, we hope you’ll join us in creating a planet run by the sun. Start your journey today and see how affordable a cleaner, brighter world powered by the sun can be.