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Get Peace of Mind with Solar Panels & Solar Battery Storage in The City of Orange, CA

How To Go Solar in Orange, California with Sunrun

Cities up and down California consistently make the news when it comes to managing the negative effects of climate change; new and ongoing renewable energy efforts,1 state-of-the-art battery technologies changing the way we think about solar2 (i.e., Tesla and Sunrun™), and startup businesses using sustainable energy to make, grow and sell their products for a healthier planet. California does it all.

Orange, California is no different.3 This city is a part of the larger Orange County region and gets more than 280 sunny days a year.4 A county population of 3.17 million means a lot of rooftops for solar energy installations, and Sunrun™ is proud to say that we are on quite a few of these roofs... and counting.

And there are a lot of early adopters to home energy storage using high-tech batteries in Southern California5 (and not just high-tech cell phones). Battery storage is critical in keeping those houses running during blackouts or during peak hours of use when utility prices are the most expensive.6

How Much is Solar Installation in Orange, CA?

California and its utilities lead the nation in rebates and federal tax credits for residential solar installation. Although an entire installation could be roughly $20k - these rebates and credits can reduce your solar installation costs by thousands.7 Yes, we said thousands of dollars.

Make sure your solar company helps you explore these incentives, like we do here at Sunrun. We’ll walk you through every dollar that’s available to you at both the federal and state levels in Orange, CA.8

Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bill and Save the Planet in Orange, CA

Orange could be the new green (we couldn’t resist). California has some of the highest utility prices in the U.S.9 and going solar can rein in energy costs that are a big drain on household budgets. It can also help rein in our carbon-footprint, too, and help keep our planet green.

There are big benefits to going solar when you need to plug in that air conditioner during 110+ degree weather (unfortunately, not uncommon in California due to global warming). During these peak hours of use when everybody is turning on their air conditioners, utility prices are the most expensive.

Plus - to meet demand - utility companies often have to turn to less efficient power sources that produce a lot of harmful greenhouse gases. By going solar you are going green,10 saving the planet and keeping that green in your wallet where it belongs.

Solar Battery Storage Systems for Orange, California

With our Brightbox™ battery storage option, City of Orange residents can take the stored energy collected during the day by their solar panels, and use it at night when they need it the most (and not pay a dime more).

Some states like California charge TOU (time-of-use) rates that are higher if you use electricity after work, during supper and before bedtime. Basically, the time when we all must plug in to power up our lives. For many of us, that’s the only time to do chores. With solar battery plus storage, and locking in at today’s rates with Sunrun options, you’ll never have to think about rising energy prices for decades to come.

Solar Financing Options in Orange, CA

With Sunrun’s BrightSave™ Monthly you can go solar for as little as 0% down and start saving almost immediately. When you lease your system with us we design a custom system that maps to your family’s energy needs. You leave the maintenance to us for 20 years minimum. Set it and forget it with our industry-leading service package and system service guarantee.

Or lock in long terms savings with BrightSave™ Prepaid, our power purchase agreement. This PPA provides you with the worry-free benefits of a lease and no monthly payments. Hard to believe but... no monthly payments and bumper to bumper coverages for at least two decades.

Owning Your Own Solar Energy System

Own your own system and savings with BrightBuy™. Build equity in your home today and experience the pride of ownership. When you purchase with Sunrun you are backed by our high-quality workmanship and manufacturer warranties. Enjoy clean, reliable energy without worrying about rising energy costs, hidden fees and surprise hikes in your electric bill.

Or try BrightAdvantage™ and you can own your own system for $0 down. Get started today with low, fixed monthly payments, competitive rates, and no upfront costs. Plus - keep the same tax credits as ownership and build equity in your home at the same time.11

Helping the Planet in Orange, CA with Sunrun Solar

With Sunrun, residential homeowners have saved hundreds of millions by going solar. And these customers are doing their part by reducing our collective carbon footprint. We like being the solar company of choice for hundreds of thousands of customers across the U.S.

We’d love to talk solar with you. Get a complimentary solar quote that is specific to your energy needs. Contact us today.

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