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Save with Solar All While Having Backup Power When You Need It Most in Halifax

Serious Home Solar Savings are Waiting for You in Halifax, MA

Halifax is nestled right in the middle of Plymouth County in Massachusetts. A community that stands out thanks to its interesting mix of agricultural and residential development. It’s quite frankly a great place to raise a family; where the people are friendly, and the wind blows free.

Speaking of blows, electric rates in the area are constantly dealing deadly blows to homeowner’s monthly budgets. Not cool. Passing the 25% threshold of what folks pay for electricity in other states.1

Yet, if you’re searching for a solar company in Halifax to put to your advantage the 201 sunny days this land receives every year,and to grab the fantastic solar incentives and programs available in the Bay State.3 Such as the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, the Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Credit, and Net Metering; we Sunrunners would be more than happy to become your shiny, new friends.

From Ponds to Woods to Solar Woohoos

Sunrun’s solar plans come in all shapes and sizes, so you choose the option that works best for your unique budget and home needs. Lease, finance or own your solar panels, or your home solar battery service.

With us, rest assured that your system will rock your roof because all are designed to be custom made. And with the best tech, too. If the sun has been shining for 4 billion years,  maybe you should take this into your advantage to go solar, and start shouting a loud “Woohoo!” to the positive numbers you’ll witness inside your savings account shortly.

Since 2007, thousands of Sunrun customers have chosen to electrify their homes with clean, renewable energy; helping Americans save millions of dollars on their utility bills*, and generate more than 2.4 billion kWh of clean energy.4 Become an environmental superhero today, and save your piggy bank while you’re at it; we’re recruiting.

Tell Power Outages to Get Lost with Our Battery Storage Service

And not in a fun way, like when you visit the corn maze at Sauchuk Farm. See, Sunrun Brightbox™ is a holistic service that includes a home energy unit, where you can store the electricity your solar panels produce to power your devices for up to 10 hours during a blackout. Which, unfortunately, in New England happen all too often.

In 2016 alone, 106 outages were reported. Yikes! But now, with Brightbox, you’ll regain your control and sense of security. Plus, this solution is clean, affordable, reliable, and self-sufficient. Meaning, your home, your savings, and the environment will love you. We’re not sure how your fume-spitting, gas-powered generator will react, though.

Solar Panels Made Simple

Harvesting cranberries at Mayflower Cranberries is nothing simple. It involves experience, dedication, and a lot of elbow grease. On the other hand, taking the solar leap with our BrightSave™ Monthly plan isn’t complicated (Yes, really). When you pick this option, go solar for as little as $0 down.

Or how does obliterating your future utility bills sound for you? Like a prepaid yay, of course, right? Anywho, our BrightSave™ Prepaid plan will let you enjoy the worry-free benefits of a lease with no monthly payments. Just make a one-time, upfront payment; and you’ll lock yourself to up to 25 years of clean, reliable solar power. In a nutshell, it’s solar made simple.

Solar Ownership with Sunrun Comes with Some Perks

Regardless if you decide to pay for your system up front with BrightBuy™, or to finance it via BrightAdvantage™; both plans will make you own the savings, the incentives, and the 30% federal tax credit — along with a jump in property value. Boing! And with solar panels designed to last 30 years or more, you’re looking at some serious long-term savings. With the added benefits of not having to stress about rising energy costs, hidden fees, or surprise hikes on your electric bill. We won’t judge if you feel an urgent need to brag.

Solar Power in Halifax is Your Green Light for Colossal Savings

Residential solar is revving up the Commonwealth. In fact, last year it earned the top spot for going solar in America; due to the sheer quality of its solar tax credits, incentives, exemptions, and loans.5 Kudos for that, Massachusetts!

Over the next 20 years, the average US homeowner is expected to pay $36,000 or more in energy bills. But you don’t want to be average, do you? Just don’t wait long to contact our solar consultants to get your free quote and lock in your biggest solar savings in Halifax, MA possible, because some incentives will drop this year.6

If you were looking for the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a greener wallet and a greener planet — your time is now.

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you qualify for solar

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