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Solar + Battery Storage Deliver Savings and Safety in Millis, MA

Power to The People of Millis - Solar Power That Is

Millis is located in western Norfolk County, Massachusetts; a former industrial town that mixes suburban and rural areas in an enchanting way. Where the people are friendly, the crime is low, and amenities are easy to find. From scenic gems like the Charles River to family-friendly fun in Ryan Family Amusements, to fantastic, homemade ice cream from The Black Cow; the truth is, this New England town brings many wholesome things together.

Hey, we don’t want to kill the positive momentum, but high utility rates are easy to find in the Bay State, too. Forcing homeowners like you, pay 25% more for their electricity vs. other states.1 That’s a tremendous amount of dough escaping your pockets! If you want to stop this from happening again, Sunrun is the ideal solar company in Millis to help you harness the 201 Vitamin-D-infused days this land receives per year2 and save big.

Tilt your decision scale, solar in Massachusetts is almost 34% more cost-effective than the rest of the nation, and the financial incentives available are quite awesome.3 Are you ready to shrink your electricity bill, or what?

Get the Best Solar Options with Sunrun

Tangerini's Spring Street Farm proudly embraces the community-centered vision of their farm, and we applaud it. Focusing on our surrounding community is truly amazing, something we take very seriously at Sunrun, as well. And because everyone’s financial situation is different, we provide you with an array of payment options to lease, finance or buy your new system or your home solar battery service, so you can go solar and get watermelon-size savings.

Since 2007, thousands of Sunrun customers have chosen to electrify their homes with clean, renewable energy; helping Americans save millions of dollars on their utility bills. Proving that fighting climate change and increasing the size of your piggy bank does go hand in hand.4

Our Solar Battery Storage Service Delivers Clean and Safe Power When You Need It Most

It’s full of fumes and annoying noises; besides, you have to spend substantial amounts of money on gas during your blackout-fighting co-ops. So we believe it’s time to break up and choose a new, cleaner, more affordable, and self-sufficient solution to power your home if the grid fails. Sunrun Brightbox™ is a holistic solution with a home battery unit that acts like Tupperware for solar energy, which your rooftop solar panels will stock up.

And yes, that stored energy is yours to feed your beloved devices when the power goes out — for up to 10 hours. Goodbye, fossil fuels. Helloooo, green savings.

Solar for Little to $0 Down

Zero is one of our favorite numbers at Sunrun, and you can experience it directly with BrightSave™ Monthly. Our most popular plan lets you go solar for zero down. Plus, with this puppy, you’ll enjoy more than just the solar panels — since worry-free energy, along with maintenance, monitoring, insurance, and peace of mind forup to 25 years are included, as well.

You could also lock yourself to those two decades of stress-free electricity by making a one-time, upfront payment when you pick BrightSave™ Prepaid. This plan offers you maximum savings, 100% piece of mind, and a bumper-to-bumper coverage for the life of the product without any monthly payments. At Sunrun, we believe simplicity starts by freeing up bill-space in your mailbox, and we would be stoked for you to experience this empty, yet fulfilling feeling with us.

Owning Solar Panels in Millis Carries Certain Bragging Rights

Solar savings by themselves are something worth bragging about. But once you add a 30% federal tax credit, solar incentives programs, exceptions, a jump in property value, and owning your system, of course — it takes bragging to an entirely different league.

Purchase your solar panels upfront with BrightBuy™, or through a great loan with BrightAdvantage™; both options come with clean, reliable energy, without having to worry about rising energy costs, hidden fees, and surprise hikes on your electric bill. Are you starting to imagine how you’ll celebrate your solar-ownership pride, then?  

Millis is The Right Place to Go Solar and Save

Millis’ commitment to education is quite impressive, to the point where Millis High School has been named one of the best in the country. Kudos for that! Last year, Massachusetts also became the top state to go solar; thanks to policies, incentives, and shorter payback times, which make sunlight-harnessing more attractive and rewarding for its cool residents like yourself.5 Wow! The Bay State really does love receiving kudos.

Yeah, solar savings in Millis, MA are a real thing. In fact, taking this step could end up saving you $36,000 on electricity costs over the next 20 years. Just don’t take too long to give a holler to our friendly solar consultants to request your free quote and lock in your biggest savings possible, because some solar incentives will drop this year.6 Friends help friends save money.

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you qualify for solar

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