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People in Santa Ana are taking a shine to going solar.

Home solar in Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana is one of the leading solar cities in the state of California. Because Santa Ana enjoys warm, sunny Southern California summers, it makes a lot of sense for residents to look to solar energy. Home solar power allows Santa Ana homeowners to take control of their electricity and power costs.

Pat's Story

For six years, Pat had thought about getting a home solar system. She considered herself an environmentalist and wanted to make a difference in the environment But, despite her good intentions, buying solar panels was too expensive for her family. The high upfront cost of purchasing a system simply did not make going solar feasible.


Pat started looking into solar financing options in 2009 when she discovered Sunrun. "With Sunrun, I felt there were savings in the future and no real cost now," Pat explained. For no upfront, Pat was able to switch to clean and affordable solar electricity.


Pat is happy with her solar home and thinks of her panels as somewhat of a green status symbol. She hopes that all her neighbors will also go solar, too.