Nothing’s more magical than solar savings in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Homeowners Can Now Save with Solar Panels + Solar Battery Storage

Anaheim is one of Southern California’s most sun-drenched cities, scoring an average of 280 sunny days per year.1 And while UV rays don’t get along with naked eyes, with the help of Anaheim solar companies like Sunrun, they can be remarkable allies to offset your expensive residential electricity bills, which are almost 28% greater compared to the national average.2

“How to go solar in Anaheim?”, you ask. As the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company, Sunrun is here to guide every step of the way of your solar Anaheim journey, one that’ll save you thousands on energy costs over the next 20-30 years.

Meet Your New, Custom-Made Sunrun Solar Plan

At Sunrun, stocking up on solar savings is simple; and because we know each budget and home needs are different, our solar plans are always custom-made to ensure you get the biggest solar savings possible during the length of your contract or the life of your Anaheim solar panels.

Besides, California’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy allows homeowners such as yourself to receive bill credits for the excess energy your solar panels produce.3 Meaning, you might see more savings each month.

Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of Americans have chosen Sunrun to electrify their homes with clean, affordable, renewable energy. Helping them save hundreds of millions of dollars on their energy bills* and generate billions of kWh of clean energy.4

Store the Energy Your Panels Produce and Use It When You Need It Most

Sunrun Brightbox™ welcomes you to the future of home energy storage, a holistic service with a battery unit, powered by your solar panels, capable of bottling up a bit of the sun to keep your devices and appliances running for up to 10 hours** during an outage or at nights.

Plus, you’ll reduce your exposure to peak utility rates and continue saving money, too, thanks to California’s Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. As you see, Brightbox is more than solar battery storage in Anaheim; this ground-breaking service is here to give you more control over your solar savings.

Go Solar for Little to $0 Down or No Monthly Payments

BrightSave® Monthly lets you go solar and save big on your total energy costs, for little to zero down. Lease your solar panels and leave the maintenance to us. This plan includes our industry-leading system performance guarantee.  So, if your solar system generates more power than estimated, we won’t bill you for the extra.

Want the worry-free benefits of a lease and no monthly payments? Our BrightSave® Prepaid will lock you to 20 years of power at today’s prices by making a simple, one-time payment. A bumper-to-bumper coverage for the life of the system is included, as well, along with full peace of mind.

Prefer a Solar System with Your Name on It? You Got It!

Choose BrightBuy™, and you’ll own the system, the savings, and also give your property a substantial value boost while you’re harnessing the power of the sun. With systems designed to last 30 years or more, you’re looking at some serious long-term savings.

Owning solar panels for $0 down is also possible with BrightAdvantage™. This plan allows you to spread the upfront cost via low, fixed monthly payments, and competitive rates. And there’s more great news for you, future solar owner, since you may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and the nation’s second-best property tax exemption.5 Experience the pride of ownership today!

Take the First Step Towards a Cleaner and More Affordable Energy Future

Dismissing this move could cost you $36,000 or more in electricity bills over the next 20 years. Forget about doing more "Solar company near me" web search queries. Get in touch with one of our solar advisors to request your free, customized quote and start your long-lasting love-save relationship with the California Sun today!

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