Lancaster, CA is the perfect place to scoop up solar savings

Lancaster is a charter city located north of Los Angeles County, part of a twin urban complex with Palmdale, its southern neighbor. And the enclosing of two major mountain range: the Sierra Nevada and the San Gabriel range, give residents and visitors a distinct area that’s packed with state park reserves and impressive history.

Folks really like the community atmosphere here; it’s far enough from LA, yet close enough to not live in a bubble. Basically, it’s the beauty of the Southwest and convenience of Southern California. So yes, natural beauty is simply unbelievable here. But electricity rates are also unbelievable in Lancaster since the average homeowner pays almost 35% more compared to other states,1 but if you’d like to change this, remember that this land gets about 280 sunny days per year.2 

We’re savvy in the Mojave when it comes to solar plans

Those clear, beautiful skies in the California High Desert are hard to beat; but you know what else is hard to beat? Our solar plans. If you want to lease, own or finance a system; we’ve got your back. Regardless of the option you choose, it will play nicely with your unique budget and home needs.

Since 2007, thousands of Sunrun customers have made the choice to electrify their homes with clean, renewable energy. 

Look at what’s in store for you

Sunrun Brightbox™ is the future of home energy storage, a smart battery for people who want to remain calm during outages. Plus, it uses Time of Use to ensure you continue saving as electric rates change.

Going solar for $0 down or no-monthly payments is no secret

With BrightSaveTM Monthly, lock in low, predictable monthly payments, enjoy worry-free performance and maintenance, and receive industry-leading service when you choose our most popular solar plan to power you forward.

Or, with BrightSaveTM Prepaid, you’ll be able to offset 90% or more of your monthly bill and latch yourself to 25 years of electricity bliss. Just make an upfront payment, and you’ll be set to start saving big.

For those who like to own everything

You have a great name, so why not give it to a new set of solar panels? With BrightBuy™, the system, the savings, the home-equity building, and the federal tax credits will be yours. With this plan, no monthly payments traduce as clean energy with a smaller electric bill.

BrightAdvantage™ offers you the full benefits of ownership with no upfront cost. Low, fixed monthly payments? Done. A competitive interest rate? Done. It’s simply the solar prime time of a lifetime.

Rising energy prices can be stopped — by you

Going solar is the perfect way to offset the rising costs of your electricity. To learn more, contact our solar consultants.

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