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Bill Spike and Outage Protection Are Yours With Solar Panels and a Battery in Carlsbad, CA

With Sunrun, You Can Control Your Home Energy for Decades 

More than 22 million California households have been affected by power outages during the past decade.1 In addition, the residential electricity rates in Carlsbad are more than 37% higher compared to the national average.2

Fortunately, the Golden State is a solar powerhouse. In fact, California solar panels and batteries already create enough energy to power more than 6.5 million homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

With the cost of producing solar power rapidly declining,4 teaming up with a Carlsbad solar company like Sunrun is one of the smartest ways to gain energy freedom, protect your home from outages and reduce your carbon emissions.

How to Go Solar in Carlsbad

As the largest residential solar, storage and energy services company in the country,5 Sunrun offers a variety of solar plans to help you start your solar journey in Carlsbad, simply and affordably.

And, with California’s net energy metering (NEM) program, which lets residential solar consumers earn credits for the excess electricity they add to the grid,6 you’ll have better control over your electric bills, too.

Why Sunrun?

For over a decade, Sunrun has helped hundreds of thousands of households gain energy independence and security while drastically reducing their carbon emissions. To date, Sunrun customers’ systems have produced billions of kilowatt-hours of clean energy.7Check out some of our customers' stories.

Brightbox™: Clean, Affordable Backup Power You Can Count On

The U.S. power grid is aging at a fast pace.8 Our demand for electricity is increasing, and climate change is making power outages and related wildfires more common every year.9 Sunrun works to ensure all families can keep their lights on with cleaner, safer and more reliable energy solutions.

Brightbox is a home solar and battery service that puts power in your hands. Charged by the panels on your roof, Brightbox stores your excess solar energy for when you need it most. You’ll have backup power during blackouts, at night, or when electric rates are highest, and a full Brightbox charge lasts approximately 8 to 12 hours.* Meaning, you can stay in control even under California’s Time-of-Use rate spikes. 

Brightbox is more than a home battery in Carlsbad. It comes with professional maintenance and monitoring for 25 years, two actions that may prolong your battery’s life.

Bring Solar into Your Life for Little to $0 Down

Lease new Carlsbad solar panels for as little as $0 down with our BrightSave™ Monthly plan, and get the same reliable power as solar ownership. But with the added perks of low, predictable monthly payments, along with the security of our industry-leading Sunrun Guarantee. The Sunrun Guarantee includes worry-free professional monitoring, maintenance and insurance for 25 years.

Interested in enjoying the benefits of a solar lease without monthly bills? BrightSave™ Prepaid has you covered. Just make a simple, one-time upfront payment, and you’ll lock in lower electricity rates than what you pay your electric company today. BrightSave Prepaid offers the best value in solar, and it’s also backed by our Sunrun Guarantee so you can put your mind on more important things.

Carlsbad Home Solar System Owners Enjoy Greater Benefits

Choose to purchase your Sunrun solar panels by paying upfront with our BrightBuy™ plan or, for $0 down and low, fixed monthly payments with BrightAdvantage™. Both plans let you own the system and the solar power for life while boosting your home equity.

New Carlsbad home solar system owners are eligible for attractive solar tax credits in San Diego County. The federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction against your federal income tax. Currently, the residential federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction against your federal income tax equal to 26% of the final cost of solar energy systems you install on your home. This benefit exists through December 31, 2022. In 2023 the residential tax credit will step down step down to 22%. In 2024, the tax credit for residential solar ends.10** Also, you can tap a property tax exemption on the added home value from your system’s cost until the end of 2024.11 

With home solar payback periods averaging at less than 4.5 years in Carlsbad,12 and rooftop solar panels designed to last 30 years or longer, you and your family will benefit for decades.

Clean Energy Shines Brightly in the Golden State

In 2018, California set the bold goals of running on 50% renewable energy by 2025, 60% by 2030 and 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2045.13 In addition, the Golden State is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.14

You can support California’s ambitious clean energy goals by creating and storing your own Carlsbad solar power with Sunrun. See which Sunrun solar plan is the best match for your energy needs by requesting a free quote today.

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you Qualify for Solar.

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