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Downey, CA homeowners can bring bills down and save with solar

Downey is a unique community beating in the heart of South California; part of the Gateway Cities Region, amid Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Ocean. Downey combines a small town atmosphere with a big-city attitude. It is a top spot when it comes to medical facilities, schools and residential neighborhoods.

D-Town also blends history and community efforts to create a special sauce for business and family-lifestyle success. Plus, 13 parks, two golf courses, a library, a theater, and an art museum make it an easy resident-love target. Yet, the warmth can rapidly plummet (at least for a moment) after a homeowner receives an electricity bill because the average rate here is almost 35% higher compared to other states1. But don’t despair. This city’s the proud bearer of 287 sun-drenched days per year2, and Sunrun can help you harness this power to electrify your home.

Our plans have family-friendly DNA, just like your city

What’s the point of offering services people don’t adore, right? That’s why our solar plans can be customized to match the specific budget and home needs of each customer; and if for any reason solar won’t help you save, we’ll let you know, too.

Since 2007, thousands of Sunrun customers have made the choice to electrify their homes with clean, renewable energy.

The Carpenters found inspiration here. The Storagers will do, too.

Sunrun Brightbox™ is the future of home energy storage, a smart battery that’ll help you bottle up solar in case there’s an outage, and you want to listen to “Sweet, Sweet Smile” (or any other song) approximately 8 to 12 hours on your smart speaker. Besides, it also uses Time of Use to ensure you continue saving as utility rates change. It’s inspiration without perspiration.

Get ready to enjoy the sunny perks for $0 down

Want to go sun-diving without releasing cash? No problem. BrightSave™ Monthly will let you go solar with zero down. Just set it and forget it with Sunrun’s industry-leading service package and system performance guarantee.**

BrightSave™ Prepaid is another excellent option to partner with the sun for maximum savings, no monthly payments and complete peace of mind.

You can own a solar system without leaving our galaxy

Downey is the birthplace to where the Apollo Space Program began its journey to the stars; and by choosing BrightBuy™, you’ll start your solar-savings journey with a set of new solar panels under your name and stellar federal tax credits.

Or, you could colonize your home savings by using BrightAdvantage™, which gives you the benefits of owning a system without the upfront costs. If this plan were a spaceship, tax credits would already have a seat the main cabin, captain.

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*Estimated savings based on a projected annual utility rate increase of 3.16% over the life of the system. Actual savings will vary. Savings depends on several factors, including product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage, full utilization of the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit by the system owner, and utility rate structures and rate increases. Analysis based on customers who enrolled with Sunrun between October 15, 2014; and October 15, 2015.

**Sunrun guarantees 95% of the estimated output during the initial term of the agreement for BrightSave Monthly (PPA & Lease) and BrightSave Prepaid (PPA & Lease), and BrightBox (excluding HI). Please see for details.