Home solar is your ticket to great savings in Dublin, CA

Dublin is one of those places where you really get the best of both worlds. You’ve got all the charm and pleasantry of small town living, and all the pomp and glitz of the big city a mere 35 minute drive away.

Of course, as a Dublin resident, you know that sort of lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. Little known fact, the cost of living in Dublin greatly exceeds the national average, and is nearly comparable to that of San Francisco itself.1 However, thanks to a flourishing California solar market and the rapidly dropping costs of solar panels, life in Dublin is about to become a whole lot cheaper.

Solar savings and peace of mind in Dublin

Here at Sunrun you won’t find any gimmicks or high pressure sales tactics. We’re just genuine people who are psyched about solar, who genuinely want to help you save money. Whatever your budget, Sunrun has the solar plans and technology to help you get started saving, and in many cases you can get started with as little as $0 down.

The sun never sets with BrightboxTM

BrightboxTM is our cutting-edge battery storage technology, designed to offer you control over your solar savings and provide a powerful backup energy option in the event of a power outage. BrightboxTM stores excess solar energy you don’t use during the day for use in the evening when utility costs peak. Better yet, if your neighborhood ever experiences an outage, BrightboxTM is capable of keeping the lights running or even providing power to charge your phone and other devices. That’s savings and peace of mind in one.

Sustainable savings made simple

It’s never been easier to get solar panels than right now. Need convincing? With our BrightSaveTM Monthly plan, you can lease a custom-designed solar system of your own for as little as $0 down. We’ll even handle installation, monitoring and maintenance for the next 20 years. In return, you agree to a low, fixed monthly rate for the power your panels produce. It’s the simplest way to start saving 20% on your utility costs.2

Want to truly lock in long-term savings? With our BrightSaveTM Prepaid plan, you can make a one-time upfront payment to lock in 20 years of electricity at current rates. This means while your friends and neighbors are grumbling about rising utility costs 15 years from now, you’ll still be receiving power that costs the same as it did in the 20-teens.

Enjoy all the benefits of ownership

If you’d rather own a system as opposed to leasing one, Sunrun has you covered. With our BrightBuyTM plan, you can purchase solar panels of your own outright, and start saving on electricity costs for the next 30 years. Best of all, ownership comes with perks, including a federal tax incentive worth up to 30% of the cost of your system.

If you’d prefer to avoid the upfront cost of ownership, you can finance your panels through our BrightAdvantageTM plan. This means no down payment, no hidden fees or expenses, and all the perks of solar ownership.

Start saving, today

Don’t let the Dublin lifestyle cramp your financial flow. Find out how much you could be saving by making the switch to solar. For a free quote, contact Sunrun today by calling 888-GO-SOLAR.


1. http://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-living/dublin-ca/san-francisco-ca/50000

2. Estimated savings based on a projected annual utility rate increase of 3.16% over the life of the system. Actual savings will vary. Savings depends on several factors, including product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage, full utilization of the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit by the system owner, and utility rate structures and rate increases. Analysis based on customers who enrolled with Sunrun between October 15, 2014 and October 15, 2015.


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Dublin Universities

Universities & Colleges

Northern CA is home to quite a few universities and colleges offering Renewable Studies programs. Our planet should gain tremendously from this state’s solar energy commitment.

Dublin Government

Municipal & Government

Electricity producing solar panels have been installed throughout several locations in Dublin, CA under the “Energy Action Plan" improvements that the city supports.

Dublin Parks


Dublin Park District offers an choice of recreational activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, bicycling, any other active pastimes, or just relaxing in the sun there is a park for you in Dublin, CA.

Dublin Things To Do

Things to Do

Check out the solar installations at the Civic Center, library, community centers and all 3 fire stations in Dublin, Ca. The city of Dublin goes green in a major way.