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Add more savings to your pocket with solar in Fresno, CA

Home Solar in Fresno, California

If there’s one thing you can say with certainty, it’s that Fresnans like it hot. Whether you’re out soaking in the sun or loading a tri-tip sandwich with a healthy dose of habanero BBQ sauce, Fresno is a city that brings the heat.

That is, of course, until the Tule fog rolls in. Even then, it’s not long until you’re out basking in the sun’s golden glow again, California-raisin-style. That’s because Fresno ranks as one of the sunniest places in the world, topping locales like Reno and Flagstaff.1

Life in Fresno can also be expensive, thanks to the higher-than-average utility costs that accompany the constant hum of your AC.2 That’s where solar enters the picture.

Building a Solar Fresno

With the abundance of sun in Fresno, solar power makes perfect sense. And by installing those solar panels, Fresno homeowners could save a lot of money.

So how can you go solar in Fresno? The easy answer is to contact Sunrun. As the largest dedicated residential solar company in the country – and one of the most prominent solar companies in Fresno – Sunrun can help you save up to 20% on your monthly electricity costs.3

What’s more, thanks to our new BrightboxTM technology, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have a 24/7 backup energy solution in the event of an emergency or outage. BrightBoxtm means you can truly beat the heat.

BrightboxTM: Stepping into the Future of Solar

It’s a concept as hot as Fresno itself: You keep what you create. Sunrun BrightboxTM is the premium solar and battery storage solution for homeowners who want complete control over their energy bills.

BrightboxTM is designed to provide you with backup energy in the event of an outage. Imagine for a moment the peace of mind of knowing you have lights, a running fridge and the means to charge your phone in an emergency situation.

In addition, BrightboxTM can help optimize the overall performance of your system. For example, at times when electric rates peak, or at night when your panels aren’t generating electricity, you can draw upon the energy stored in your BrightboxTM lithiom-ion battery, rather than purchasing that power from the grid. Best of all, BrightboxTM is available for any of our solar plans detailed below.

Start Saving with $0 Down

Sunrun's BrightSave® Monthly plan is as easy as it gets. You skip the upfront costs of ownership and instead pay a low monthly rate for the solar power your panels produce over a 20-year agreement.

If you’d rather skip monthly payments and pay the lease in full, then you’re looking at our BrightSave® Prepaid plan.

Best of all, both plans come with our solar guarantee: Sunrun guarantees 95% of the estimated output of your panels and BrightboxTM  system.

Take Ownership of your Savings

Set on purchasing your own solar system outright? Our BrightBuy and BrightAdvantage plans offer a customized agreement based on your individual needs. You may also be able to take advantage of California’s best solar incentives, including solar rebates and a property tax exclusion.

Find Out How Much you Could Save, Today

Ready to find out how much you could save? Contact Sunrun today; we can’t wait to help you go solar.





3. Estimated savings based on a projected annual utility rate increase of 3.16% over the life of the system. Actual savings will vary. Savings depends on several factors, including product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage, full utilization of the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit by the system owner, and utility rate structures and rate increases. Analysis based on customers who enrolled with Sunrun between October 15, 2014 and October 15, 2015.


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Fresno Universities

Universities & Colleges

A climate of intellectual curiosity is alive and well in Fresno, Ca - where colleges offer programs in the Earth and Environmental Sciences that will shape our future.

Fresno Government

Municipal & Government

The city of Fresno, Ca is committed to building green; constructing buildings and communities that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Fresno Parks


Fresno, Ca has an ongoing, master plan for its parks called Fresno Parks Vision 2050. New parks are designed and maintained for energy efficiency.

Fresno Things To Do

Things to Do

Check out Westlands Solar Park just south of Fresno, Ca - one of the world's largest. Development began in 2016 and is set for full solar build-out by 2025.