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Get Peace of Mind with Solar Panels and Battery Storage in Kern County, CA

Treat Your Home and Your Wallet with Solar Panels and Battery Storage in Kern County, CA

With almost 275 sunny days per year,1 Kern County is not only an ideal spot to connect with the outdoors, but also to harness all this power and reduce your pricey electric bills for good.

According to recent data, residential electricity rates in California are over 30% higher vs. other states.2 Yet, there’s no need to despair. Because with the help of Kern County solar companies such as Sunrun, you’ll have the best tech on your side to save big with the sun.

How to Go Solar in Kern County

Going solar with Sunrun today, means you have several solar plans to start your solar Kern County journey. And regardless if you lease, prepay, purchase or finance your Kern County solar panels — or solar battery storage system — rest easy knowing we’ll tailor a solution to fit your unique budget and energy needs to ensure you get the most significant savings possible.

Besides, with California’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy allowing solar homeowners to receive bill credits for the excess electricity their panels generate,3 you could see even greater savings each month.

Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of Americans have chosen Sunrun to electrify their homes with solar. Helping them save hundreds of millions of dollars on their utility bills* and generate more than 1 gigawatt (GW) of clean power resources.4 Who knew keeping the environment healthy paid so well?

Say Goodbye to California Outages with Sunrun Brightbox™

Brightbox is not just solar battery storage in Kern County. It’s a holistic service with a battery unit, charged by your panels, that offers you better control of your energy use and the price you pay for it. It also includes professional maintenance and monitoring; two actions which may prolong your battery’s life.

With Brightbox, your home’s most-beloved appliances and devices will continue running in the event of an outage, or at night. And, you’ll forget about California’s Time-of-Use (TOU) rates pressuring you to use your power-hungry appliances when there’s less grid demand and still save money. Yes, the California Sun never sets with Brightbox.

We Boiled Down Going Solar to Diddly-Squat

With BrightSave® Monthly, you can lease a new set of panels for as little as $0 down and enjoy the same dependable power as full ownership. But with the added perks of a professionally managed and maintained system for the next two decades. Ever leased a car? Well, it’s similar, except you’ll save a lot of money.

Prefer the worry-free benefits of a lease without paying monthly solar bills? BrightSave® Prepaid is here for you. This plan will maximize your savings by making a simple, one-time upfront payment. You’ll forget about rising electricity costs, hidden fees and surprise hikes on your utility bill, too. In short, solar doesn’t get simpler than this!

Owning Solar Panels Nourishes Your Property’s Value

Pay for your system up front with BrightBuy™, or for $0 down and fixed monthly payments with BrightAdvantage™, and own your system and savings for life while building equity in your home.

As a solar owner, you’re eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and the second-best property tax exemption in the nation.5 And since studies show home value in California increases by 4% or more when they’re equipped with rooftop solar,6 and that solar systems last 30+ years — you bet serious long-term savings will be yours for the taking.

Get a Solar Quote Today — It Doesn’t Cost Anything

Our solar advisors are ready to guide you every step of the way. Switching to solar could save you $36,000+ on energy bills during the next 25 to 30 years.7 So don’t let the California Sun set on your chance to save, get a free quote today!

Choose And Control Your Home Energy. See if you qualify for solar

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