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Power Your Electric Vehicle with Solar Energy & Battery Storage

What powers your electric vehicle? Electricity. Most EV owners are powering up their cars by plugging them in at home, and many are doing it with solar.1 Although states are planning for convenient EV charging stations across the country, it’s also a good idea to plan for a smart home to power your smart car.

What is the Best Solar Battery for Home Energy Storage?

Are you looking for a solar battery to complement your solar panels?  

A battery backup will power your home during blackouts caused by severe weather, or during grid outages due to increasing demands on our aging infrastructure.

In addition, you can be more independent from your local utility with a solar-plus-battery system. This climate-change duo will help you avoid peak utility hours and rising energy costs and keep you going when it gets dark.

Two Things before You Begin

Is Solar Battery Storage Right for Your Home?

Enjoy All The Benefits of Home Energy Storage with BrightboxTM

Solar panels are a great way to save on rising utility energy costs, while helping reduce CO2 from entering the atmosphere; but you still have to purchase energy from the grid when the sun sets. Adding a solar battery, like Sunrun’s Brightbox™, allows you to store extra solar energy produced during the day so you can power your home at night; maximizing your solar savings.

3 Energy Efficiency Rebates to Take Advantage of Today

Every day, we all try to be more energy efficient. Some days we try a little and make sure that the lights are not left on when we leave a room. Other times, we try a lot and replace every door and window in the house to help lessen the burdensome heating and cooling bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded more for your efforts? Well, there are many federal and state energy efficiency rebates that will provide deep savings you for your efforts.

Save With Solar and Smart Home Energy Management

That whole “getting smart” concept is what Sunrun has been working on within the residential solar sector for a decade.

Experimenting with innovative energy options makes sense, because the utility company model isn’t always the most cost effective and reliable source of energy. What do you do when you need electricity for your home, but you’re disconnected from the standard power source or your utility has an outage? Or it's peak usage time and you know it's time to save on energy? Enter Sunrun's Brilliant HomeTM. A new way to power your home, intelligently. 

What is the Cost to Install Solar Panels?

Did you know a new solar installation was completed every 84 seconds in 2016?

It’s no wonder, considering solar prices dropped 29% – in every area of the market – from 2015 to 2016. Even more striking is the 67% price drop since 2011.2 Those are cool stats, but you might be wondering how all that translates to the cost of installing rooftop solar panels for your home.

4 Solar Energy Facts That Will Encourage You to Go Solar

Ever get that overwhelming feeling of dread before opening up your electric bill? Yeah, we know the feeling. If you’re considering going solar and joining over 160,000+ happy customers, you’d probably like to know some of the facts.  To help you get a better idea on what to expect, we have highlighted a few solar energy tidbits that will make you want to jump in head first!