Why go solar

What Are The Benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a well known source of clean energy. As the fossil fuel supply accessibility dwindles more each year, the cost will continue to be on an upward trajectory.  Meanwhile, solar energy demand is at an all time high as more and more consumers make the switch to clean energy.

Is My Roof Good for Solar?

It's time to consider serious solar savings. There are good reasons why. Solar panel costs have shrunk dramatically in the past few years. Solar energy’s positive effect on our planet – reduction of harmful CO2 emissions -- is scientifically undeniable. Solar power cost less than current utility rates, and most cities have tax credits and incentives in place to further reduce costs.1

We’ve answered a few questions below most often asked by our customers prior to a Sunrun solar installation. 

Is Solar Battery Storage Right for Your Home?

Enjoy All The Benefits of Home Energy Storage with BrightboxTM

Solar panels are a great way to save on rising utility energy costs, while helping reduce CO2 from entering the atmosphere; but you still have to purchase energy from the grid when the sun sets. Adding a solar battery, like Sunrun’s Brightbox™, allows you to store extra solar energy produced during the day so you can power your home at night; maximizing your solar savings.

Why Going Solar is Like Setting Up A Savings Account

Rack Up More Funds with The Sun

Saving money is a good habit. Numerous people agree that saving is one of the most important steps to building wealth because it can give you the freedom to live life how your heart desires.

When you were a kid, you probably started your savings journey with a piggy bank or a savings jar. Which then led you to open a savings account to be better prepared for life’s unexpected events.

3 Energy Efficiency Rebates to Take Advantage of Today

Every day, we all try to be more energy efficient. Some days we try a little and make sure that the lights are not left on when we leave a room. Other times, we try a lot and replace every door and window in the house to help lessen the burdensome heating and cooling bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded more for your efforts? Well, there are many federal and state energy efficiency rebates that will provide deep savings you for your efforts.

The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

When it comes to any major change in life, it’s usually best to take some time and carefully weigh your options before jumping in. It pays to be prudent and consider the pros and cons, and ultimately, to be sure you’re arriving at the decision that works best for you. These same notions ring true when it comes to making the change to solar.

4 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar and Save in Florida

Not much can beat Florida living;  with 128 days of sun each year, the Sunshine State has earned it’s nickname.  

That untapped sunlight should be put to good use, and now it can be. Now that the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar company has flown over the Floridan horizon, Sunrun is here and ready to help residents save. So, what are the advantages of going solar in Florida? There are quite a few, but let’s narrow it down to the top 4, shall we?